Sweet Tables, Donut Towers, Dessert Walls, & Cakes for events. Our facility is not a Nut safe environment. Minimum Order of $100. 

About Euro Desserts

Our Story

Euro Desserts was created over 10 years ago and has been passed down from generation by generation. Now it is known as a company that creates products with authentic fresh taste, impeccable customer service, and evolutionary combinations of traditional tastes with a modern twist.

vanessa & valentina cafazzo vanessa & valentina cafazzo young

Our co-owners, Vanessa (on the left) and Valentina (on the right) have worked very hard to transform Euro Desserts into a company that the family can be proud of. From a young age, they were always spending many afternoons playing in their parent's bakeries.

Sitting on mixers, playing with pizza dough, assisting their dad with rolling cookies, and even going the extra mile to help serve customers. Their whole lives were based around running a business and now they are the two faces of Euro Desserts.

Over the years, our dynamic duo have learned everything they need to know about running a business and baking. They are known for being complete opposites but, a few things they share are the passion for baking, the drive to create a successful business, and the hope to make their parents proud.



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