We are Pre-Order Only with 24 Hours Notice. Please place your order through our website. Our facility is not a Nut safe environment.


Please note that all Cake orders are for PICKUP ONLY and at this time we are not able to deliver any cakes.

Please note that these items are not available for pickup and delivery from November 15th - December 1st
Chocolate Lovers Cake

Comes With:

  • Mini Nutella Bottles
  • Assorted Chocolate Bars all around 

Flavour: Chocolate Sponge layers filled with Nutella Buttercream and Nutella. 

Donut Sprinkle Cake

Flavour Options: Nutella buttercream or Confetti cake flavour.

You can customize this cake by choosing you colour option below. 

Nutella Buttercream Cake

Chocolate sponge layered with our Nutella Buttercream and Nutella spread on every layer.

Biscoff Cake

Flavour: Vanilla sponge, layered with biscoff buttercream, biscoff spread

Cookies & Cream Cake

Flavour: Chocolate Sponge Layers filled with oreo buttercream icing and crunchy Oreo crumbs

Sprinkle Cake
Floral Cake

A white base with peach & orange coloured flowers

Confetti Cake

Flavour: Vanilla or chocolate sponge filled with vanilla or chocolate confetti cream

Ricotta Cake

Flavour: Vanilla sponge filled with chocolate chips and our Sicilian cannoli filling

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cake

Flavour: Chocolate sponge cake layers filled with peanut butter buttercream icing and peanut butter spread

Dunk & Dip Cake

Flavour: White sponge layered with our dunk and dip cream and finished with crunchy cookie pieces

Chocolate Velvet Cake

Flavour: Chocolate sponge layers filled with our signature cream cheese icing

Lemon Raspberry

Flavour: Vanilla sponge layered with a light lemon custard cream, raspberry jam, and fresh raspberries. 


Flavour: Vanilla sponge layers filled with our light lemon cream


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