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Choc Covered Strawberries

Gourmet Box

Assortment of drizzled strawberries, caramel strawberries, sprinkle strawberries, Oreo strawberries, and chocolate bar strawberries

Drizzle Box

Assorted milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzle

Friends Themed Strawberries
Comes with: 
  • An assortment of sprinkled/drizzled strawberries
  • Assorted Friends quotes on strawberries 
  • 2 mini nutella jars 
  • Friends sign 
Baby Themed Strawberries
A great gift for a gender reveal party or congratulatory gift. 
Comes with: 
  • an assortment of gourmet strawberries
  • baby themed pink & blue strawberries 
  • baby signs 
  • baby bibs 
Graduation Strawberry Box
Comes with:
  • 4 white chocolate themed strawberries 
  • 4 milk chocolate themed strawberries 
  • 2 mini caramel syringes
  • 2 mini chocolate syringes
  • 2 diplomas 

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