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Valentine's Day

Please note that the I Heart You Bouquet, Assorted V-day Bouquet and My Valentine Strawberry Box are ONLY available for pickup on February 13 and 14 and delivery only on February 14 and are not available for pickup/delivery before or after February 13 and 14.

I Heart You Bouquet
Comes with: 12 assorted Valentine Sprinkle/Drizzle donuts


Assorted V-day Bouquet
Comes with: 
  • 1 Mini Nutella Jar 
  • 2 Ferrero Rocher Donuts 
  • 2 Red Sugar Sprinkle Donuts 
  • 2 Smartie Donuts 
  • 6 Nutella Bombe Donuts 


Nutella Bombe Bouquet

(Comes with a Nutella syringe and mini Nutella Bottle)

* The Syringe in this bouquet will only come with "Happy Valentine's Day". No customizations at this time*

Flavours: 12 Nutella Bombe


Be My Valentine Box

Comes with:

  • Oreo Cheesecake Donut
  • Smartie Donut
  • Hershey Kiss Donut
  • Powder Jelly Donut
  • Red Velvet Donut
  • Hazelnutty Donut


My Valentine Strawberry Box
Drizzle Box

Assorted milk chocolate and white chocolate drizzle

Assorted Bombe Bouquet

Donut Flavours (2 Each): Nutella Bombe, Blueberry Cheesecake Bombe, Strawberry Cream Bombe, Pistachio Ricotta Bombe, Dolce De Leche Bombe, Lemon Raspberry Bombe


Chocolate Lover Bouquet

(Comes with a Kitkat Bar)

Flavours: 12 Assorted Chocolate Bar Donuts


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